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If you have any questions or concerns other than those listed here,
please feel free to contact us at info@recipe-ru.com.

User setting


Change of email address

You can change the email address associated with your profile via My Page after logging in.


Change of address/personal information

If your member registration information (address, etc.) has changed, you can update your profile details from My Page after logging in. If you are experiencing difficulty updating your information, please contact info@recipe-ru.com.


I forgot my password.

To reset your password, enter your registered email address on the Forgot Password page. A password reset URL will be sent to your registered email address. Please note that the URL is only valid for 10 minutes.


I forgot my username (handle or email address).

If you are a member of The Association for the Advancement of the Japanese Culinary art, please contact us at info@recipe-ru.com. After verifying your identity, we will provide you your registered username.



What if I want to cancel my membership after registering?

If you have registered as a web member and wish to cancel your membership, you will need to cancel future payments.

PayPal's terms and conditions state "Cancellation of recurring payments: you may cancel a recurring payment at any time up to three days before the scheduled payment date." However, due to connection problems or other unforeseen circumstances, there may be instances in which there is a delay in the processing or cancellation requests, resulting in a monthly payment being made even after a cancellation request has been submitted. To prevent this, we at the Association for the Advancement of the Japanese Culinary art's recipe-ru recommend completing the payment cancellation procedure well in advance of your upcoming payment date.

*To know when you need to cancel by, please check your Scheduled Payment Date for Recurring Payments section of the confirmation email received from PayPal at the time of registering your paid web membership.

*Please note that regardless of the payment method, if you cancel payments or become unable to pay during the membership term, your membership fee will not be prorated.

If you are a registered free member and wish to cancel your membership, please contact info@recipe-ru.com.

Membership registration


I registered as a paid user, but I have not received a registration notification email.

For new paid user registrations, an email is sent to your registered email address. Please check your email; there is a chance your registration notification may be in the spam folder.

If you are using a mobile carrier email, you may not have received the email because of your mail filter.

We would appreciate it if you could add the domain 'recipe-ru.com' to your list of permitted domains in your mail filter so that you can receive emails from us.

If you have registered as a user in the past, there is a possibility that your paid billing information has been linked to a previously registered account.
Please try logging in with your previous account information (user ID/password), as your new paid membership may have been linked to that email address.


How can I pay for my membership?

We accept Stripe or Paypal payments. We recommend Stripe, as Paypal payments require users to have a Paypal account.

Monthly membership fees are automatically charged or debited to your credit card every 30 days from date of registration. You can change to a paid membership at any time, whether it be the beginning, middle, end of the month. Regardless of payment method, the payment will be automatically charged every month unless you cancel future payments directly or make a special request through us. Please note that refunds will not be given after cancellation. In the event a monthly membership is not paid for, you will not have access to the paid-member exclusive content.

How to use


How am I able to see the exclusive content for paid members?

To see the exclusive content for paid members, you must create an account and complete paid-membership registration. You will then be able to view all website content. Membership payment subscriptions are offered in monthly or yearly installments. For further information, please see the Account Creation page.

Note that select web content is also made available to to recipe-ru members on the free plan. For more information on this, please go to the Information about Membership Types page.