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Elevating Japanese cuisine
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What is Japanese Chefs Recipes …?

Japanese Chefs Recipes, created by the Association for the Advancement of the Japanese Culinary art (AAJ), is the world's first recipe portal website for professional chefs of Japanese cuisine.

For those aiming to produce authentic cuisine, add more value to their dishes, and provide an excellent dining experience.

Opportunities to learn about the techniques and culture of Japanese cuisine are limited; even for industry professionals, the majority of their skills are acquired through their daily work.

It is our hope that professionals trying to learn more about Japanese cuisine and improve their skills are able to quickly obtain the information they need through our website. We also hope to help inspire their imagination and inquisitiveness.

In addition, we aim to help chefs pursue authenticity, produce dishes of the highest quality, and provide the best possible dining experience to customers on a daily basis.

Since our establishment in 1930, AAJ has been striving to share and further develop Japanese culinary techniques—to further improve the skills of its members, add more value to the dishes they serve, and ultimately contribute to the overall dining experience. To facilitate the advancement of this goal, AAJ has created Japanese Chefs Recipes.

December 1, 2022

Association for the Advancement of the Japanese Culinary art
Chairman Kensuke Miyake

How to use

  • Efficient search function!

    Japanese Chefs Recipes offers a variety of search criteria: by season, ingredient, course, and dish—to name just a few! Efficiently search for seasonal dish ideas and learn how to make the most of in-season ingredients.

  • Be inspired and create original dishes!

    Japanese Chefs Recipes provides professional cooking lessons online every month. Alongside the search function, even if you don't have a specific dish in mind, Japanese Chefs Recipes offers many ways to stimulate your creativity and spice up your menu offerings!

  • Experiment on your own, or follow the latest recipes of other chefs!

    Most recipes on Japanese Chefs Recipes come with detailed measurements, instructions, and process photos. Referring to them while experimenting with new dishes will definitely improve your success rate!

  • Plan prix fixe meals!

    Besides standalone recipes, Japanese Chefs Recipes allows you to view the makeup of entire prix fixe meals. You can refer to these to help inspire your own original prix fixe menu!